New life, new blog.

Celebrating with an Oberon

When I started “A Wiseman Once Said” I had just moved to Connecticut. I was bored. I knew very few people and had very little to do. So I set out to find things to do and to meet people, and blogged about a lot of it along the way.

We recently made the decision to move back to Michigan. This was mainly a financial decision – the east coast is much more expensive than the Midwest – but there were also some great opportunities out here (work for me, school for Noe) that we simply couldn’t ignore.

So here I am, plugging away at my new job and reconnecting with friends and family, while Noe waits patiently in Connecticut to A) take his pharmacy school entrance exam and B) sell our house (no easy feat in the current economy). Living apart from Noe – and my kitties! – is, needless to say, not at all fun, but it’s a temporary inconvenience that we’re willing to make work.

Which brings me to this blog. My former blog was so Connecticut/New London-centric that it just didn’t make sense to continue now that I am back here in Michigan. However, I didn’t want to give up blogging, either. I want to blog about re-discovering Michigan – the old things I have missed, the new things that have sprung up while I’ve been gone, and the experiences that I may have taken for granted when I lived here before. And of course, I want to throw in a lot of random posts about cooking, restaurants, books, and vintage clothing (to name a few of my favorite things).

So…welcome to my new blog. You can expect some cosmetic changes as I move forward over the next few weeks, and maybe even a title change somewhere down the line when I am feeling witty again.

My former blog is still accessible at www.amyewiseman.blogspot.com should you care to read it. But I hope you will stay with me as I embark on my new blog and my new (old) life in the mitten.


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