How now, brown cow

Looking for a slightly different way to spend a Saturday morning, the gang decided to head out the Calder Dairy farm in Carleton, MI. The trip served two purposes: the foodie purpose (buying fresh, local milk, eggs, butter, ice cream, etc) and the oohing and ahhing over cute animals purpose. Jess and I had used milk and curd from Calder Dairy at our cheese making class, which spurred the trip.

Calder Dairy Farm

We got to the farm a little after 10:00 a.m. and pretty much had the run of the place – which was great, as Sophie and Anthony’s son Elijah can certainly do a lot of running.  Visitors can walk around most areas and can pet most of the animals, including cows and goats, although I do NOT advise trying to pet the geese (ever seen Jurassic Park? The velociraptors? The hissing and the tongues? It’s kind of like that.)

Raptor goose

I must admit, I got almost as moony over the tub of farm-fresh butter and the milk in glass bottles as I did over the baby cows and mini-horses. Everything is fresh and reasonably priced.

Here are some photos from our field trip:

With a baby cow

Cows feeding


Milk in glass bottles


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