Blondi Ambition

It’s always nice to kick back after work with a cold beer…and even better when you can do it while getting your hair cut.

I was introduced to hair stylist Dwight Thomas about four years ago, before I moved to Connecticut. I was immediately drawn to his fun personality and his talent with scissors and a blow dryer (not to mention the fact that he never tried to persuade me to wear my hair curly). Everyone knows that once you find a stylist that’s a keeper, you follow them wherever they may go – easier said than done sometimes. It would be so much easier if they just had their own salons, right?

Well, sometimes wishes come true. in the fall of 2008, Dwight opened his own salon, Thomas Blondi Salon. And he opened it in my home (and current) town of Ypsilanti.

I fell in love with the salon the first time I walked in. Located on a stretch of Huron Street off Michigan Avenue, the space is long and narrow – perfect for the classic salon set-up of two rows of chairs. The decor is minimalist, with sleek black and silver furniture (and not much of it). One might think that the slightly quaint aspects of the building – hardwood floors, a stamped tin ceiling – would look out of place or old-fashioned with the modern furnishings, but the whole thing has a funky, city-like, old-meets-new vibe.

Thomas Blondi interior

Of course, the real reason one goes to any particular salon is for the styling rather than the atmosphere, and Thomas Blondi, even with its most excellent atmosphere, is no exception. I personally have only been coiffed by Dwight, but I always watch the other stylists while I am sitting in the chair, and their clients always seem to leave happy.

Thomas Blondi offers a myriad of hair styling services, along with make-up application and facial waxing (I usually get my eyebrows done there, too). Women’s  cuts start at $35. Not listed on the website’s menu yet – but all the rage, according to Dwight – is the Brazilian Blow-Out keratin treatment, which I plan to try out next week.

And that beer I mentioned? Thomas Blondi has always been hospitable where beverages are concerned, offering guests water, etc…and now has added micro-brewed beer from Ypsilanti’s own Corner Brewery to their menu. Being pampered and getting pretty is a great experience in and of itself, but throw a cold, sparkling Brasserie Blonde Belgian-style ale into the mix and you’ve pretty much got the perfect happy hour. (Rumor has it that Thomas Blondi is working with the Corner Brewery to brew an exclusive Thomas Blondi microbrew – more info forthcoming.)

If you live in or around the Ypsi area, I highly recommend checking out Thomas Blondi next time you’re in need of a haircut. The service and styling are top-notch, and you can feel good about patronizing a local business…and enjoy a beer while you do it.

Me and Dwight in 2007


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