Green skies from now on

Last night, my mom and I went to the Summer Festival to check out a family friend’s son’s band (that’s kind of a mouthful!) While I may give the appearance of living at the Summer Festival, my mom had actually never been, so it was fun to take a newbie down to Top of the Park.

The band, the Kalamazoo-based Greensky Bluegrass, has a sort of traditional-bluegrass-meets-jam-band vibe. It’s fun to see young guys playing banjos and mandolins. It was the perfect type of music for a Sunday night at Summer Festival – laid back and rootsy, but danceable if you were so inclined (the kid doing the break dance moves certainly seemed inclined).

If you missed Greensky Bluegrass at Top of the Park, you’re in luck – according to their website, they’ll be playing on Friday, August 6 at the Detroit Institute of Arts as part of the “Friday Night Live” music series. They are also playing a variety of regional/national shows – check out their schedule here.

Greensky Bluegrass on the Rackham stage


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