In the bag

You may remember these from my farmers market post:

These little guys – basil and thyme – have absolutely thrived since bringing them home about three weeks ago. In fact, they are a bit out of control, particularly the basil. (Luckily I am of the belief that one can never have too much basil.) But what do with all this thyme on my hands (yes, pun intended)?

Since thyme is a pretty commonly-used poultry seasoning, I decided to go with chicken (I actually haven’t eaten chicken since I got to Michigan, with the exception of the Memorial Day buffalo-bleu cheese chicken burgers). I picked up a package of free-range chicken thighs – I wanted the more flavorful dark meat, and thought they’d stay more moist on the grill – and whipped up a little marinade of white wine, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and a whole bunch of thyme. I even threw a little chopped basil in there, since I had so much.

I’ll update the post tonight with the results of my marinade experiment – I am hoping this will be a zesty and tasty summer meal.

Soaking up flavor in preparation for the grill


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