I’m getting married on October 9 – and I’m getting married on a budget. Luckily, I’m not one of those girls with a big church wedding/dream reception already planned (I am not criticizing these girls – just saying, since I am working with limited financial resources, that it is a good thing I am not one of them). Also luckily, I happen to be a huge fan of wedding blogs and DIY blogs – rather interesting, since I am not really a fan of weddings or DIY, but that’s beside the point (I’m easily swayed by beautiful photography).

I gathered up some of my favorite blog posts and magazine photos for inspiration and headed over to my weekly strategy meeting with my mom. After we did our logistics check-in (Tent prices? Check. Bathrooms rented? Check.) we decided to try actually making some of these decorations to see if it would really be a money-saver or if it would just be a frustrating waste of time.

Decoration trial run

Pleasant surprise: the Martha Stewart Weddings pom poms and luminarias were just as easy as Martha promised. The wine cork place card holders were also super quick and easy, meaning that Noe’s wish that my kitchen drawers will empty themselves of corks is about to come true.

These won’t be the colors we’ll be using, but the trial run convinced us that we do have enough time to have some pretty, cost-effective, DIY decorations – even with a wedding approaching in less than two months.


5 thoughts on “DIY? IDK…

  1. I love that you’re doing this. We DYI’d most of our stuff too – carved pumpkins for our centerpieces, made our own arch, brought in our own booze, DJ’d via iPod, etc. The DYI weddings are undoubtedly the most fun weddings!

  2. Glad they turned out! I think they’re fun and will totally turn out as cool as the inspiration picture. Plus, they’ll be entertaining to make.

  3. My friend Kara did a lot of her wedding DIY style and it was really beautiful. She was so stressed by the end, but it’s because she had over 350 guests to make place card holders, favors, centerpieces, seating cards, and invitations for. I’ve seen a few DIY weddings and some have been gorgeous because people chose to keep it simple but pay attention to detail, and others have been very cheap feeling because people were cheap and did everything very quickly and without any attention to detail. I’m sure yours will be fabulous! You strike me as someone who might be thrifty, but likes quality, and that’s the best person to do anything DIY. Plus, even if you hate the DIY stuff, after a while it becomes a little addicting.

  4. The lumineries & poms look fun and romantic too. It will be wonderful fun decorating for an October wedding. Hard work, yet such a great feeling afterward to see how good it will all look. Excited for you.

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