Sim-ple pleasures

When it comes to white wine, I’m a Sauvignon Blanc kind of girl, although over the years I’ve gotten pickier about what type of Sauvignon Blanc I prefer. It used to be simply that I preferred cheap Sauv Blanc to cheap Chardonnay. Then I started to enjoy the bracing acidity and upfront citrus of the New Zealands. Over time, my tastes evolved to prefer the stony minerality of the French. I’d occasionally venture into South American territory, perhaps Chilean.

California hasn’t been in the mix for me for awhile. While I can appreciate some grassiness, I found CA offerings to be all grass and lacking in acidity and without a discernible mineral quality. While a few had some bright peachy notes, I found most to be extremely light, to the point of being insignificant or watery.

Maybe I wasn’t picking the right California Sauv Blancs. Or maybe they really were kind of sub-par for awhile. At any rate, my go-to white never came from the Golden State.

However, I recently read an article about California Sauv Blanc enjoying a renaissance of sorts.  I happened to see a bottle of Simi 2009 Sauv Blanc – mentioned in the article – at Bush’s during a post-work grocery stop. It was ten bucks, so I picked up a bottle.

Not bad.

It’s more grassy than stony, but definitely has a little backbone to it. There is a good, full flavor – crisp without being watery.

I’m not going to start singing the praises of CA Sauv Blanc quite yet – I want to try a few more – but the Simi 2009 has renewed my interest – and my faith. Pick up a bottle and let me know what you think.


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