On a Mission

After spending the majority of yesterday at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (post forthcoming – I don’t have my card reader with me and that post needs pics), Noe and I took a quick run up the Old Mission Peninsula to 2 Lads Winery. I’d been wine tasting on the Old Mission before – although it was 5+ years ago – but 2 Lads is new since then, and I’d heard only good things.

2 Lads has a very modern look and feel – the building is square-shaped, built from light stone with one wall being more or less all glass. The decor includes lots of brushed steel. The tasting room decor is extremely minimalist. This is a marked contrast from most tasting rooms I’ve been in, which tend to run toward the homey barn or Tuscan villa themes.

Standing at the tasting bar, you are immediately treated to sweeping views of Lake Michigan. 2 Lads currently offers three complimentary tastings to accompany their fantastic view, and other wines and food are available for purchase. Noe and I were there near the end of the day, so we stuck to the complimentary tasting.

We were first poured Pinot Grigio. This was more crisp than other Pinot Grigios I’ve tried on this trip, and the citrus was intense. I liked it, although Noe found it too lemony.

The Cab Franc Rose was a up next. Roses in Northern Michigan tend to be made from either Cab Franc or Pinot Noir and have been all over the map both flavor and quality-wise. This one was a dark berry color. The nose knocked me out right off the bat – lots of big fruit and some major spice. It tasted exactly like it smelled. The spice was a surprise – this rose had more spice than I’ve tasted in straight Cab Francs on this trip.

Having been prepped with the rose, I was looking forward to the actual Cab Franc. Once again, light body brought huge flavor. The dark fruit was accented with a little bit of cranberry. It was just oaky enough to add character without tasting like wood. The spice that showed up in the rose was present here as well. Noe actually liked this wine, which was interesting to me, since reds usually send him running in the other direction.

Had it not been closing in on 6:00, I’m sure we would have ordered a couple glasses of 2 Lads other offerings and enjoyed the views for awhile. Alas, it was not to be on this trip. We’ll just have to enjoy what we bought and make a return trip later this year.


4 thoughts on “On a Mission

  1. 2 Lads’ Cab Franc is amazing. Brad and I went there a few weeks after it opened, and they didn’t have any wines for sale, but we did a tasting. If I would have known you’d be there, I’d have asked you to pick me up a bottle or two!

    • Dear Alison-
      We have a small pile of wine with your name on it at the winery right now!!! Just give us a call, place your order and we can send it to you.

      Thanks for the love – we’re feeling it all the way in NoMich!

      2Lads Winery

      • Chris,
        Thanks for the reply! Believe it or not, 2 Lads was what got my husband & I turned onto Cab Franc in the first place (and my husband has a t-shirt from you guys – that’s how much we liked the winery. 🙂

        I’ll place an order later this weel!

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