Arts and Crafts

Awhile ago, I mentioned the rather lofty and ambitious goal of trying to make all the decorations for my wedding reception. Here’s the thing: I’m great at starting projects, however, I am terrible at finishing them.

For instance, I have a bag with a couple of yards of fabric and a partially cut-out simplicity pattern sitting in my dining room. I got bored cutting out. I have a tub full of scrapbooking paper and fancy cutting things upstairs that I haven’t used in two years – my scrapbook is all of twelve pages. I do tend to finish knitting projects from time to time, but I’ve never bothered to learn anything beyond making scarves (easy and fast).

Luckily, I’ve been a little more motivated for the wedding projects. It helps that my friends and family have rolled up their sleeves and pitched in. I certainly wouldn’t have gotten as much done as I have without their help.

Rose was instrumental in my invitations getting sent out on time. She spent one of our usual Sunday night Mad Men viewings helping me assemble invitations from Michael’s while Noe fed them through the printer:

Invitation jacket

Sophie and I have made about a zillion tissue paper flowers while watching Dexter:

Colored flowers

Response cards coming in

Jess has all kinds of fancy scrapbooking tools and helped me make my favorite project so far, these adorable table numbers that I saw on

I LOVE these

Alison, Becky, and Kristen have also chipped in, folding paper, cutting ribbons, and doing all kinds of weird little tasks.

There’s a lot of work left to do – tissue paper for the big pom-poms will be arriving this week – but we’re making some serious headway.

Thanks, girls!


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