Bakin’ magic

The wedding planning marches on…some pieces being more fun than others. Although I don’t really mind folding thousands of sheets of tissue paper into various-sized pom poms and paper flowers, I’d rather be eating. Luckily, this week was food sampling time.

Instead of a cake, Noe and I are having cupcakes at our reception. This isn’t because they are trendy – we really thought it was a better approach for our somewhat casual backyard bonanza. We aren’t planning on having any first dances or speeches or anything like that, so a formal cake-cutting would seem a bit out of place. Plus, we liked the flexibility of different flavors and the lack of serving ware needed.

I had plenty of cupcake places to choose from, but we’ve ultimately decided to go with Terry Bakery on Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti. Don’t be fooled by their slightly odd hours and random downtown location – Terry’s has been around for years and are known for fantastic cakes. I’ve called and left messages during off hours plenty of times and always been called back the same evening – so don’t let the hours discourage you.

Photo: Jon Milan

A wonderful woman named Deb put together a sampler of cupcakes for me, and we devoured them. For the wedding, we’re going with chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting, vanilla with buttercream, lemon with lemon buttercream, and (best of all) spice with buttercream. YUM!

Sample box

In addition to being delicious, Terry has the best prices around. Seriously – if you need cake or cupcakes, give them a try!


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