These boots (or shoes) are made for walkin’

Noe and I have been slowly but surely settling in to life at Scary House. As it turns out, Scary House is quite a bit less scary when you add things like furniture and curtains.

Scary House has another positive attribute that I failed to mention before: proximity to downtown Ypsi and Depot Town. While some people may think that living within walking distance of downtown Ypsilanti is hardly a positive, I beg to differ.

Photo: Angela J. Cesere |

If Noe and I want to go out with friends for dinner in Depot Town or grab a beer at the Corner Brewery, we don’t have to fight the crowds for parking. We can park at our house and walk. If I find myself out of milk or some other random grocery item, chances are I can find it down the street at the Ypsi Food Co-op (which, by the way, makes awesome Vegan Walnut Pate – I know it sounds weird, but give it a try). I can walk to the sort-of-lame Saturday Farmer’s Market at the Freighthouse, or to the kick-ass Farmer’s Market on Tuesday afternoons up by the post office.

Should I ever decide to cut back on book spending again, I could walk to the downtown branch of the public library. In the event that I should require legal council, the law offices of Peruski & Chang are right up on Washington Street (shameless plug for my BFF Rose – go see her if you need an attorney). My hairdresser Dwight’s salon (Thomas Blondi) is conveniently located on Huron Street. There are multiple bakeries, cafes, and coffee shops.

The rental house is taking some getting used to, but the location is pretty spectacular. It’s nice not to have to drive every time I want to go somewhere.

Would you give up driving for walking if given the option?


One thought on “These boots (or shoes) are made for walkin’

  1. That’s why I love living where we do – I can walk to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Barnes & Noble, two pharmacies, two dry-cleaners and even Old Navy if I’m feeling ambitious. Every spring, summer and fall we spend more time on foot than in the car.

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