Earlier in the month, I wrote a series of posts from the fabulous Traverse City, Michigan – otherwise known as Michigan’s wine country. The Traverse City area has two peninsulas – the Leelanau and the Old Mission –  and both get excellent sun and cool breezes off Lake Michigan, resulting in some truly spectacular cool-climate wines.

Noe and I visited six wineries during our long weekend – pretty impressive considering that we were traveling with Noe’s six year old nephew. One of our favorites visits was to 2 Lads, a newer winery. 2 Lads not only had atmosphere to spare (very modern stone and glass tasting room situated on a very high point of the peninsula), they had fantastic wines, including a rose that, even as we move into fall, I still can’t over. Made from Cab Franc grapes, this rose has big-time spice and a vegetal characteristic that seems to have grown a little more prominent since the last time I tasted it. There was a bit of a green pepper taste lurking behind the fruit. It was wonderful and held up extremely well to the pizza we enjoyed it with.

2 Lads tasting room -

This is normally the point in a post where I would post a picture of the wine I am enjoying (or not enjoying), usually alongside a glass. Now, I fully understand that wine is best enjoyed in a good glass – something that lets you really get your nose in there, allows you to swirl it around and admire the legs while aerating it a bit, and preferably something with a stem so your hand won’t warm up the liquid.

However, we all have our lazy moments, or in my case, a lazy three years. In my Connecticut house, I never had a good place to keep my stemware where I could access it easily (there were grand plans to buy a sideboard or buffet for our dining room that never amounted to anything). I also lost a number of wine glasses to a very fun New Year’s Eve party. In the interest of preserving my stemware and being lazy, I took to drinking wine (cheaper wine, that is – when someone brought over something good I dug out the stems) out of some very heavy stemless rocks-type glasses.

What does this have to do with 2 Lads, you ask? Well, as it turns out, Chris – as in, one of the lads of 2 Lads – happened upon my blog one day and took note of my laziness. Actually, he called me out on it. His exact question: “Is there some magic in those glasses that sees to the heart of a wine or are you really feeling those big hunks of melted sand actually bring some extra ghetto-hipster to the party?”

Guilty as charged.

He’s totally right. I’m not getting the full wine experience drinking out of those glasses. I dare say even Three Buck Chuck deserves a bit more respect than what I was giving.

Chris actually found this travesty so heartbreaking that about two weeks after the ghetto-hipster inquiry, I received a package in the mail. In the package was a box of six 2 Lads Stolzle stemmed glasses – the same ones used in that fantastic 2 Lads tasting room.

I immediately poured a glass of 2 Lads Cab Franc (my only bottle – must buy more) and enjoyed that slightly oaky, dark fruit flavor…and detected that little hint of vanilla that I probably wouldn’t have found in my melted-sand glass. Mmmmm. Being lazy was not worth missing these nuances.

Check out those stems...

The ghetto-hipster glasses have since been retired from wine duty and relegated to juice glass duty, or perhaps extra-large shot glass duty. Also, I bought my shelf, making all my “bar” glassware much more accessible.

Thank you, Chris, for your fabulous glasses – and especially for producing fabulous wine to be enjoyed in said glasses. Can’t wait to get up to TC and visit you guys again!


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