Wedding Week

Wow! What a weekend. Our “weekend” actually started on Wednesday when we got married at the courthouse in Ann Arbor, and continued on through last night with our wedding reception. We had tons of family and friends around for the whole thing, and we had a blast. It was exactly what I wanted – fairly casual and TONS of fun.

I’ll break certain aspects down in posts over the next few days. Since we kicked things off by getting married on Wednesday, I’ll share some candids from our courthouse service with you first:

Outside the judges' chambers

Some tips for anyone planning a courthouse service in Washtenaw County: In Michigan, you need three days after filing before you get the marriage license, and then the service has to take place within 33 days. Also, you need to call and schedule this with the judge directly – all judges that perform marriages have different schedules – for instance, the judge in Ypsilanti that officiates ONLY officiates on Tuesdays – and everything revolves around the trial calendar. We were lucky to get in the week of our wedding scheduling the week prior – I would definitely recommend doing this a few weeks in advance! The list of judges who officiate in Washtenaw County can be found here: The cost? A mere $20 for the license, $10 for the service – so for $30, you can have the complete package.

Toasting at Vinology

After our service, we headed down the block to Vinology, an excellent wine bar, with Kristen and Rose (our official witnesses). We ordered a bottle of  Alsatian Gewurztraminer and toasted to our happiness. We celebrated later that night with steaks at Knight’s – more on Vinology and Knight’s forthcoming.

All in all, our service was perfect – low-key, low pressure, and exactly what we wanted. Our reception, on the other hand, was quite the party. We’ll start on that tomorrow!


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