Wedding Reception – The Look

For both the ceremony and the reception, I wanted to look dressy, but fun. I didn’t think that a long, poofy dress would be totally appropriate for traipsing all over my grandparents’ lawn (I have nothing against long, poofy dresses – just a practicality thing). I also wanted something that had a bit of a vintage feel, and the fabric had to be seasonally appropriate.

I stumbled upon the dress that became my wedding dress a long time ago on – seriously – Target has a bunch of dresses on their website that aren’t available in the stores. I was browsing for something to wear to a friend’s engagement party when I happened to see this dress:


Even though I wasn’t engaged or planning a wedding at the time, I thought the dress looked pretty. It had kind of a sixties-looking quality that appealed to me. Plus, the price – $40 – could not be beat. I went ahead and bought it, thinking I would find someplace to wear it. When it arrived and I actually saw the material and the ivory color, I realized I had probably just ordered my wedding dress.

The material was heavy enough and the color appropriate for October, so I stuck with my choice. The orange sash I paired with it actually came from a dress I had purchased last summer at Anthropologie:

I added a little sequined sweater from J. Crew just in case it was cold (it wasn’t) and shoes from DSW. (I wanted orange shoes, but started looking too late).  The big, chunky necklace and the drop earrings came from the Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection at Kohl’s – and we on sale!

At the reception

Last but not least was the headpiece. I wanted something pretty and preferable vintage-looking. I knew there was no way in hell I was wearing a veil for our informal wedding, and certainly not at the party. It took about five minutes on Etsy to find the perfect solution:

Photo: YJDesign,

This slide-in hairpiece by YJDesign was elegant, vintage-inspired, and exactly what I wanted. I knew that no matter what kind of hairdo I ended up with, it could be worked it. The headpiece cost more than my dress, but for something handmade and that beautiful, I thought it was a bargain.

All in all, I was able to put together a fun, pretty (well, I thought it was pretty!) look for right around $200 total – not too shabby, considering I wasn’t even trying to be cheap! Plus, try telling people you got your wedding dress at Target – it’s usually good for a pretty good reaction!


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