Wedding Reception – The Decor

Decorating. NOT my favorite thing. Decorating is the type of thing I get interested in and then abandon halfway through a project. However, I knew that I had to stick with whatever I decided regarding this project. For one thing, I didn’t want a huge, empty tent. For another, I only had a couple months to work with.

I was looking at the Martha Stewart Weddings website and came across a photo of some fantastic pom-poms made from tissue paper.  Mom and I made some prototypes and deemed it doable, so I set out to decide a color scheme and figure out where to get mass amounts of tissue paper.

I picked orange because of the fall season (duh). However, I didn’t want to be too cliche “fall” and I wanted something fun – so I picked fuchsia. I ordered my tablecloths in these colors from the fabulous A-1 Rentals. Then, worried that even in my vast white tent landscape that this could be obnoxious, I decided to temper it with the occasional burst of chocolate brown.

It quickly became clear that to make enough of these things to fill a 40’x80′ canopy, we were going to need to a better source of tissue paper than 20-sheet multi-packs from Micheal’s. Plus, I was having trouble finding orange and brown paper. Luckily, my good friend and number-one helper Jessica Baumer came to the rescue with a list of useful websites, including Paper Mart. I never knew that there was such a need for tissue paper that people ordered it in 400-sheet packs, but I’m glad there is. $80 worth of tissue paper (including shipping) later, we had roughly 150 pom-poms, which my dad grouped in bunches of three and hung on clothesline strung between the tent poles.To add a bit of light in the center of the tent, we alternated white paper lanterns (battery-operated) from Dollar Tree with the pom-poms.

The assembly

Bunches of three

On the tables, we put small glass vases (purchased for $0.79 each at IKEA) with three small tissue paper blooms, and, just for fun, pink and orange glitter birds from the Christmas section of Micheal’s (the birds were kind of a tongue-in-cheek poke at Noe – he does not understand my fascination with decorating objects featuring birds and chickens).

Vase with glitter bird

For a little additional mood lighting, we kept it simple with a heavy glass candle holder and ivory colored pillar candle on each table, both purchased at Dollar Tree. The finishing touch was a table number made out of scrapbook paper and a Dollar Tree doily.

The table grouping

Although we had plastic silverware and paper napkins, we still wanted it to look nice. I knew I wanted to roll the silverware, but not how I wanted to wrap it. Jess came to the rescue again with a fun flower cartridge for the Cricut (a die-cutting machine used by scrapbookers). Using the same vintage-patterned paper we used for the table numbers, we cut out a couple hundred little flowers, glued buttons in the middle, and then used the extra strips of paper as napkin rings, securing them with the flowers. It looked absolutely adorable.

Silverware rolls

The whole thing had a rather eclectic vibe, but was held together by certain recurring themes (tissue paper flowers, the use of the vintage-looking paper in several places, doilies). All in all, it had exactly the fun but pretty look I was going for. I owe major thanks to my small army of girlfriends (commanded by Jess!) who spent hours at our house (or theirs – I was hauling a bag of tissue paper everywhere I went for awhile) drinking wine, eating pizza, and folding endless amounts of tissue. Once again, thank you to Rose Peruski, Sophie Cornish, Jennifer Anderegg, Alison Torreano, Becky Martin, Kristen Wiseman, and of course, Jessica Baumer for all your help. Everything looked perfect.

The big picture


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