Confection Perfection

Since we’re back in Michigan with family this year, I took advantage of not having to cook our own Thanksgiving dinner to have a little fun in the kitchen. Although I will be providing a side for the meal (brussells sprouts braised in butter with bacon), I mainly worked on fun little things to pass out to friends and family. I know Thanksgiving dinner does not require party favors, but hey, why not?

First up: a little invention (OK, I am sure I did not actually “invent” this, but whatever) that I like to call the S’More Truffle. This little piece of heaven is comprised of  homemade vanilla marshmallow (surprisingly easy, although a real pain in the ass to cut) dipped in dark chocolate. I started to dust them with crushed peanuts but then had the brilliant idea to use graham cracker crumbs. I’m no marshmallow fan in general, but these are a bite-sized delight.

S'More Truffles

My second project was inspired by work. A week or so ago, we taste-tested the Zingerman’s spiced pecans. They were the best spiced nuts I have ever tasted – an excellent mix of sweet and savory with just the tiniest little bit of heat (from fresh black pepper) at the end. They were amazing. They were also $23 per tin. I *might* have bought them anyway, had someone not let it slip that there was a recipe in the Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating (which I happened to pick up on two years ago for $0.83!) that produced eerily similar results. I tried it, and it’s true. Not quite as awesome as what we tasted at work, but very, VERY close. I packaged these in holiday tins from the dollar store.

Spicy-sweet goodness

I hope our friends and family will be thankful for tasty treats to take home with them. As for me and Noe, well, we are thankful just to be back home with everyone and to have seen so many friends this week that we haven’t seen in a long time (special shout-outs to Bethany, Eric, Mark, and our new friend Charise).

And I can’t lie, I’m totally thankful for my latest work score to enjoy before dinner. Mmm, mmm, good.

Cheese. Brownies. Coffeecake. Awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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