Thrifty Acres

I LOVE thrift, vintage, and antique stores. I seriously heart them. My poor husband and family get dragged through countless antique stores everywhere we go. My in-laws are most familiar with my affliction, as their little corner of suburban Indianapolis has one gigantic, fantastic antique store, along with several other boutiques that sell a mix of antique, thrift, and new items. Luckily, they seem to find my little quirk somewhat endearing.

I have certain items I always keep a lookout for, number one being salt and pepper shakers (I like animal-shaped sets) followed closely by vintage handbags/dresses. I even shop for gifts at thrift stores. Last year, all my friends who enjoy cooking (a good number) received vintage aprons and/or cookbooks. (I also snagged several of these for myself.)

I haven’t haunted the stores too much yet this year (lack of funds, even for thrift items),but this past Saturday while strolling downtown Ypsi with mom, we made a great find. At Salt City on Michigan Avenue we found an amazing array of Fiestaware mugs, most priced under $5. I don’t know if these are used or if the woman who owns the store is a Fiestaware dealer, and I’m not too concerned about it. All I am concerned with is that I was able to find mugs in the shade I call “dining room green” – check them out!


2 thoughts on “Thrifty Acres

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  2. Dude! Have you been to Bowerbird Mongo yet? I’m sure you walked by it. It’s on Michigan Ave near the Wolverine Diner, it’s only open Fri/Sat 5-8pm though…

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