Things that were great about yesterday

1. Bake Sales for Good Causes

I made a zillion pieces of biscotti and a ton of spiced nuts (not to mention five etched glass mugs) for the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic Bake Sale…and it all sold! I hope the food was as good as the marketing – I spent some serious time on packaging (including recycling a few tissue paper weddings flowers).

The Cat Clinic bake sale brings me to the second great thing about yesterday…


Need I say more? The oranges – or William and Harry, as we like to call them – are still available for adoption. Visit for info on adoptable felines and contact numbers.

Then, on the way home from the Cat Clinic Bake Sale, I stopped by…

3. D.I.Ypsi

This “handmade holiday fair” featured over 3o indie artists from Michigan, as well as food, entertainment, and adult beverages, if you so chose (the fair was held in a bar). While I can’t go into too much detail about my purchases (Christmas surprises are at stake) I CAN share my one (ridiculous) splurge for myself…Nancy Drew coasters!

Made by Chicaloo Photography, these photo coasters featuring antique Nancy Drew covers should satisfy my love of all things (vintage) Nancy for awhile…or at least until someone buys me that cookbook.

While at D.I.Ypsi, I had to reluctantly forgo the Beezy’s Cafe Maple Bacon cupcakes, because in a short while I was headed to the Wiseman Women annual Christmas lunch and…

4. Ornament Exchange!

Although I am married to a man that I recently found out hates Christmas (I KNOW!) I still love Christmas, and was extremely happy to receive my annual ornament in this year’s exchange. Grandma ended up with my pretty blue find that I purchased at A Corner Cottage in Indianapolis, and I ended up with this giant glitter snowflake, which, as anyone who knows my ornament preferences will attest, is pretty much a match made in heaven:

As if this weren’t enough of a good day, I had going home to look forward to, thanks to…

5. The Amazing Work Score!

Tuna-stuffed peppers from Spain. Vanilla and cinnamon chocolate bars from Italy. Truffle Mousse Pate. Chocolate Sourdough bread. Throw this together with some Grafton cheddar from my last work score and I’m eating good for a couple days.

I can only hope your Saturday was as pleasant as mine. Some days are just plain good, and this was one of them. Happy holiday season!


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