Silver belle

Christmas has come and gone, and this year was pretty spectacular. Although we worked weird hours leading up to the holiday, and mom and I lamented over our lack of “wow” presents, we all had a pretty excellent day, albeit one of heavy eating.

What do you do with that space between Christmas and the New Year? This gap in everyday life is the time that Noe and I head down toward Indianapolis to spend with Noe’s family. We usually just chill out while we’re there, doing a little shopping of both the downtown and the mall variety (Anthropologie!), maybe hit a museum or two (past exhibits include an awesome display of religious artwork at the art museum and the Titanic exhibit at the state museum), and occasionally seek out some interesting cuisine (Filipino food at Eduardo’s, anyone?) Between all this, we find lots of time to relax, eat, and attempt to beat our 7-year old nephew at various Wii pursuits.

This visit is shaping up to be no different, other than the fact that we’re not sandwiching it in during a week-and-a-half-long vacation from Connecticut…and the fact that I’ve already made a pretty spectacular find at one of my regular downtown Noblesville shopping stops. Last year I stocked up on vintage aprons and cookbooks; this year’s number-one score is in a slightly different vein…

Pointy, spike-heeled, silver Mary Janes! Used shoes can be a bit dicey, but these are very clearly little – or perhaps never – worn. The insides, soles, and heels are in spectacular condition. But perhaps the best part is the price – $10…and they were 20% off! Happy new year to me!

I hope the rest of you are having an enjoyable, relaxing holiday – and perhaps finding amazing bargains to boot. Cheers!


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