Home on the Grange

I have yet to eat a full meal at Grange Kitchen and Bar, but it’s grown on me as a place to grab a cocktail and a snack…provided you like your snacks to contain duck fat, which, as it happens, I do.

Grange’s happy hour special is $2.00 off their artisanal cocktails, wines by the glass, and bar menu. This works for me as I am much more interested in the bar menu than in the dinner menu, which is why I have yet to eat there.

Photo: annarbor.com

The first time around, Diane and I split a charcuterie plate which included, among other things, pickled pig heart, lardons, and house-made prosciutto. Yum. The meats were salty (in that good, cured-meat kind of way), the lardons melted in your mouth, and the pickled heart had a faint briney flavor without being overpowering. Interesting texture, too – I think I expected something a little chewier, but it really wasn’t tough at all.

Charcuterie plate and fries

We also split the duck confit poutine with cheese curds and duck gravy, served over a hot and crispy order of house-cut fries. Yum. Duck has such a richness to it, and it comes across is the gravy. The cheese curds were very mild and enhanced rather than distracted from the duck flavor. This was a heavy, rich gravy – a little goes a long way, so the generous heaping of fries was definitely appreciated.


A less-adorned plate of fries, with duck fat, smoked salt, and chili mayo also proved to be a satisfying choice on a cold afternoon.

My favorite snack at Grange by far, however, is the Scotch egg. Scotch eggs are maybe one of the best foods on the planet. Basically, what you’ve got is a hardboiled egg that has been completely encased in sausage meat and then fried. Grange’s version uses a duck egg, cooked to the point where the white is set but the yolk is still bright yellow and a little runny. Served atop a smidge of mustard-y sauce, the egg, yolk, meat, and mustard combine for the most delicious flavor explosion imaginable. I want to eat these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Snack heaven.

Cocktails have so far been enjoyable, but truthfully we’ve been so enamored with the GGGinger (mint, ginger syrup, fresh lime, ginger beer, and gin, garnished with a big hunk of candied ginger) that we haven’t explored much of the menu.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about dinners at Grange, and it may be awhile before I get in to the main dining room to give the “real” menu a shot. However, I’d definitely recommend Grange’s bar menu – it’s comfort food with a twist.


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