Who are you calling chicken?

Chicken. Kind of boring, but undoubtedly attained its popularity for a reason, right? Some things I like to do with chicken:

Marinated Grilled Chicken Thighs:

When it comes to grilling, I vastly prefer chicken thighs to chicken breasts. They’re more flavorful and juicy. I experimented with some marinades last summer, and this one that I blogged about in June proved to be a keeper.

Chicken Burgers:

Noe and I would take a chicken burger over a turkey burger any day. When I say “chicken burger” I am NOT referring to a sandwich made of a chicken breast, as it is referred to on some restaurant menus. I am referring to a burger, made with ground meat. You can either buy ground chicken at most grocery stores or grind it yourself, perhaps with the Kitchen Aid mixer grinder attachment.  Ground chicken is juicy and delicious and works with a variety of mix-ins and toppings. While guacamole/bacon/pepper jack is a popular combo in our house, this buffalo bleu cheese experiment from last Memorial Day was pretty tasty.

Ground chicken mixed with buffalo sauce and cheese


Fresh off the grill

Chicken Pot Pie:

This recipe for individual pot pies from thekitchn.com is perfect for making ahead and freezing – simply pull a pot pie out of your freezer and heat to eat (note: I recommend par-boiling the potatoes to make them a bit softer). These also travel well; we’ve transported them to the cabin.


With chicken and filling

Ready for topping

Topped with easy puff pastry crust

Thai Chicken Pizza:

Pizzas are always a good way to use up leftovers, and this recipe that I ripped off from the Trader Joe’s website is no exception. I shredded some carrots I had in the fridge and used leftover chicken breast from another recipe, but everything else – the dough, the peanut sauce, etc – was from Trader Joe’s.

Ready for the oven

Hot n' Ready

What are some of your favorite chicken recipes?


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