Bountiful Basket

Noe generally humors me when I want to go to “nice” or “fancy” restaurants. But nothing can change the fact that when push comes to shove, Noe is a diner/deli/burger joint kind of guy. Which is A-OK – I love these places, too.

One of our favorite places to go for a weekend lunch is the Bread Basket Deli. We became aware of the Bread Basket through of all things an advertisement on the Showcase – excuse me, Rave Motion Pictures – movie screen (the deli is located in the shopping plaza across the street). Then we saw that the Bread Basket beat Zingerman’s in an poll for “Best Place to Buy a Sandwich” and were even more inspired to try it (although we recognize that these polls are totally padded and next to – if not totally – meaningless).

Long story short, we weren’t disappointed. While Zingerman’s has fantastic bread, Bread Basket’s corned beef and pastrami sandwiches are, in short, delicious. TONS of meat, a vinegary (as opposed to goopy) coleslaw, and VERY thin layer of Russian dressing makes these sandwiches to die for. And the prices are extremely reasonable.

Pastrami with slaw and Russian dressing

Although I generally alternate between corned beef and pastrami, sometimes I veer off the beaten path and get my ultimate guilty pleasure, a grilled salami and egg sandwich with cheese. I will ONLY eat this sandwich if I have worked out for a minimum of two hours. The salami is grilled and you can see grease dripping off it. It’s so salty and delicious that paired with the over-hard egg, swiss cheese, and crunchy, grilled rye bread, you do not need a single condiment. I feel wrong eating it, but I love it.

Grilled salami and egg with swiss

You won’t find the gourmet sides and pastries and retail outlet, etc that you get at Zingerman’s – but that’s okay. Noe and I love Zingerman’s, but we really love the Bread Basket for what it is – an affordable place to get a really great deli sandwich. Try it out sometime!


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