Great Gatsby Night 2011

One of the first friends Noe and I made in Connecticut was Kevin Doyle: history buff, book nerd, and possessor of a number of other fantastic qualities.

Kevin Doyle

In June of 2008, Doyle threw the first of his annual Great Gatsby parties to celebrate the summer solstice. In 2009, he threw an even bigger and better version.

The inspiration

I love parties, I love dressing up, and I LOVE F. Scott Fitzgerald. Doyle’s parties were a highlight of summer for me; in fact, they really were what sort of kicked off summer in New London. Last year when we moved back to Michigan shortly before solstice time, I missed the Gatsby party terribly.

Doyle indicated that there was actually a very simple solution to this problem: throw the Michigan version of the Gastby party. So…I did.

With the help of my friend Jen – who also enjoys dressing up – the plans were made. We decided to hold the party at Frenchie’s (the event space belonging to Sidetrack) and do a cash bar. There were several advantages to this, the first being that Sidetrack/Frenchie’s is an an old building with a great speakeasy look. They also had an ipod hookup for our streamed 1920’s music and a bartender that was willing to spend the evening mixing up fantastic vintage cocktails.

Christian mixes up Mary Pickfords

(We also had to hold the party the week prior to the solstice because Frenchie’s was already booked for the following weekend…we decided not too many people would notice.)

Put simply, the party was an overwhelming success. Everyone dressed up and the costumes were amazing. Thank you Doyle for the great idea. I can’t wait for next year’s Gatsby night!

Alison, me, Sophie

Jen and Brandy

Noe and Edmond

Mom, Kris, Brock, Noe

Kristen and Lindsay

Sarah and Bayne

Riki, Melissa, Diane



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