Indy-pendance Day

Noe and I originally intended to spend the fourth of July weekend at home. Our summers get crazy from here on out, and during the last two weeks of the month, Noe and I won’t even be in the same country – I will be traveling in Northern Michigan and Wisconsin for work and Noe will be visiting family in the Philippines (yes, you guessed correctly that I am NOT overly happy about the timing of that trip…I wanted to go!) – so we wanted to kick back and spend a relaxing weekend together.

Well, the relaxing weekend got moved to Noe’s sister’s house in Indiana. Unexpected, but not a problem. We could still relax in Indiana.

And so we did. And while I didn’t get down to Indianapolis or buy anything at my usual antique store stops (I think I just heard Noe sigh in relief as I typed that), we did squeeze in a number of (relaxing) activities.

We went to the Noblesville famers market:

I loved this display

Noe and I got red velvet.

We sampled a variety of pork products, all tasty.

We did plenty of hanging out by (and in) the neighborhood pool:

The sibs playing basketball.

Oh, yeah.

We had a mustache party:

Ohh la la!

Noe even humored me on the way home by stopping at a winery. We stopped at Cherry Creek Winery’s Albion tasting room off I-94. While not all the wines were my style, we had a great time chatting with the tasting room girl, sampling the wares, and picking out some bottles for gifts for family.


Outside the tasting room.

Even with all that relaxing, Noe and I are beat. I wish I could say the summer slows down from here, but alas, that is not the case! Stay tuned for summer adventure updates.

Happy Fourth!



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