Tennis Time

What a week!  In my continued pursuit of athletic excellence (see: Mini Achievement) I entered the Ann Arbor City Tennis Tournament. Noe has played in this tournament multiple times; Noe, however, has also played tennis for years. I started playing a few years ago and got hooked, but have never played competitively until now.

My handsome husband working hard on the court

I got solidly beat in the first round, which I more or less expected. While normally I am very much in the “I don’t want to play if I can’t win” school of thought, I really did have a blast playing in the tournament. First of all, I was able to actually win some games, which was a goal of mine. I also ran my opponent a fairly good amount, and held a couple games at 40-40 for a long time. My backhand looked terrible, quite frankly, but my serves were pretty consistent, so I considered it an equal trade.

I tried!

I have been going to watch Noe play in tourneys for years, and let me tell you, it is WAY more fun to be part of the action. Not only did I get to play on a beautiful court at a nice facility, but when I was watching Noe the next day, people who had seen me play complimented me on things, or said hello, and in general made me feel a lot more like I was part of the tournament in a way that you just don’t feel as a spectator.

So – long story short, because there isn’t really a point here other than I had a blast – I can’t wait to play in another tournament, even if I lose in the first round again. If you are considering entering one of these events and something is holding you back, I highly encourage you to reconsider. It’s a great experience all around.


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