Duck, Duck, Goose (the Market – plus fresh pork burgers!)

It’s a cold, rainy day in suburban Indianapolis – probably just as well we’ll spend a large chunk of it in the car driving back to Michigan. Luckily for us, yesterday was sunny and gorgeous – the perfect fall day – making our trips to the Noblesville Farmers Market and downtown Indy pretty much perfect.

Fall at the Farmers Market

We hit the farmers market toward the end of the morning with the goal of getting lunch rather than shopping. Grandpa Jay’s was more than happy to help us to that end. A purveyor of fresh pork products, Grandpa Jay not only comes to the farmers market to sell the various sausages and patties he produces, but also offers grilled sandwiches on site. I enjoyed a brat burger – basically bratwurst-seasoned pork in patty form. Spread with some stoneground mustard from Local Folks Foods – plus a little relish and some red onions – it was the perfect lunch to eat outdoors on a sunny October afternoon. (Freshly popped, still-warm kettle corn made for an excellent side dish.)

Grandpa Jay's brat burger

Fresh kettle corn

After lunch, we split from the group. I finally convinced Noe to take me to downtown Indianapolis to visit Goose the Market. I am not sure how Goose got on my radar – I think it may have been from Bon Apetit magazine – but I’ve wanted to visit since reading about it.

Goose exterior from

Goose has been in business on Delaware Street since 2007 and specializes in “phenomenal food, the people who passionately produce it, and the rest of us who can’t wait to get our hands on it.” I was hooked the minute we walked in the door. The first thing I spied was the gelato case, with flavors such as blueberry crumble and – gasp! – Mackinac Island Fudge.

Gelato case

Traveling back through the narrow space, I came upon the cheese counter – where I was sorely tempted but resisted. Right next to the cheese counter was one of the most amazing meat cases I have ever seen – all the usual cuts, plus a giant bowl of stone crab claws, an overflowing bowl of duck legs and more. If I had ANY way to transport duck legs (and any extra cash – my buying binge at the Produce Station holiday tasting left me a little cash-poor this month) I may have purchased the entire bowl.

Cheese counter


...and more meat.

We went down a narrow staircase and found the cellar where Goose stocks their extensive selection of wines and beers. A number of hard-to-find and local beers were represented, as well as an eclectic wine selection (it reminded me of Thames River in New London, CT). In the very back of the cellar was the Goose Enoteca, where one can purchase wine or beer by the glass as well as small plates of meat and cheese for VERY reasonable prices. Once glass of Crios Malbec Rose (only $4!) – perfect for a fall day, with it’s heavy-for-a-rose flavors but still maintaining  a light crispness – and a couple snacks later, we left Goose appropriately full and happy.

Enoteca menu

Very unattractive photo of me at Goose

All in all, a very good eating day in suburban Indy and Indianapolis. However, I am looking forward to getting home and getting back into a major workout routine…I need to work off all this food and wine!


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