About me

The Wiseman is actually a Wise Woman! Amy Wiseman, to be specific. The opportunity to play with words in my blog title was too good to pass up.

I live in Ypsilanti, Michigan – right next to Ann Arbor and about 35 minutes or so away from Detroit. I grew up in Ypsi, but spent 2007-2010 living in New London, CT when my then-boyfriend (now husband – check out our wedding posts) was relocated there.

I started the original version of  “A Wiseman Once Said” in 2008 as a way to encourage myself to A) keep writing (I wasn’t in a very creative job at the time) and B) try to find and experience new things while I was living on the east coast.

Also, to be completely frank, it was WAY easier to point all those “what have you been up to?” inquiries from friends and family to the blog instead of writing individual emails.

We moved back to the mitten in the spring of 2010 – my husband lost his job along with a lot of other people, and it was much cheaper to live in the Midwest. We had the added bonus of having someone who actually wanted to buy our house – decision made.  After we moved, I wanted to keep blogging – and keep my awesome blog name – but I felt disconnected from my former blog and life, so I took the opportunity to start the whole experiment over again.

You’ll notice that a number of my posts are focused on food and wine. I started getting interested in these things while working at the Earle Restaurant in college, but my interest exploded when we were in CT and I fell in with a group of people with similar interests. Although I’ve had some food-related jobs – including working for Jonathan Edwards Winery in Connecticut and taking a holiday job at Zingerman’s Mail Order in Ann Arbor, I have no formal food or wine training. I’m merely an enthusiast, not a professional – although I’ll take any educational opportunity I can get.

(What do I do professionally, you ask? I’ve held a variety of communications and marketing communications positions. If you’re really curious, you can check me out on LinkedIn. I also accept freelance writing and communications assigments.)

Some things I enjoy (besides eating, drinking, and writing, of course):

  • Vintage clothing and accessories
  • Vintage cookbooks
  • Poking around antique and resale shops
  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Tennis
  • Skiing
  • Dressing up
  • Traveling – mostly in my own state!

Some things I do not enjoy:

  • Board games (except Scrabble)
  • Driving on college campuses
  • Renting 

There you go – more information about me than you will ever need to know! (Chances are you probably know me and know all these fin facts, anyway.) If for some reason you feel compelled to know more, feel free to follow me on Twitter – but I’m not promising you anything earth-shattering or life-changing.

Nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my blog.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I read your post about buffalo bleu cheese chicken burgers and I think it looks AWESOME.I can’t wait to try it as I am a huge foodie.

    I own http://hotsauceplanet.com/ and sell all sorts of hot sauces, BBQ Sauces, etc. If you want to link to our hot sauces or BBQ sauces for your recipe that would be great.

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    Thanks for the great reading and let me know,



  2. Hi Wiseman-
    Welcome back to the mitten! If you’ll humor me, I’ve got three comments about your blog at first look.

    First off – Thanks! I’m really glad you came to 2Lads to checka-check it out up here! We really love the chance to make an impression on foodies and enophiles as it is something we’re truly passionate about as well! Hell, we like it so much – we built a winery! What were we thinking?

    Second – Great blog! Caryn and I spent too much time slacking off at work and reading way down through your thread of posts. Very entertaining and well written content – nice pics too!

    Third – through all these great pics we noticed a reoccurring theme – those rocks glasses substituted for stems!! WTF?!? Is there some magic in those glasses that sees to the heart of a wine or are you really feeling those big hunks of melted sand actually bring some extra ghetto-hipster to the party?? What I’d love to do is offer you a six pack of 2Lads Stolzle tasting stems (the ones you used in tasting at the winery.) This way you can really pick apart and get the most of those wines you’re relating to your adoring fans. Seriously – no shipping and handling or anything… Shoot me an email if you’re up for it.

    Either way – we enjoyed the blog and will be back again.


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